Want to be a little more strategic in building your professional network efforts? Today’s episode gives you some additional ways for you to build your network without necessarily going to a luncheon, coffee event or happy hour.

If you’re listening to this episode today, you’re probably past that point of going to a lot of different events just to figure out where you need the land. Right now it’s just a matter of dedicating quality time to networking tasks that are going to truly move the needle in your business. 

Three Strategic Ways to Build Your Professional Network:

  1. Attend conferences, workshops or seminars, in your local market or outside your market.
  2. Volunteer for an organization you are passionate about
  3. Build your own networking platform …I give some juicy examples to get your idea wheels turning.

When you plug yourself into any one of these strategies AND you’re not just focused on you but focused on what you can assist with…you will be amazed at the opportunities and open doors you’ll run across.

After you listen to the episode, share your favorite part, in the comments section of this blog.

Here’s to you taking this information you’ve heard today and turning it into a lasting transformation for your goals.

Time to rock!

Take Care,


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