Four Perspective Shifts for Leaders to Evolve with Dr. Ciela Hartanov – Episode 126

Our guest for this episode, Dr. Ciela Hartanov says, the key to leaders evolving faster is by adapting four perspective shifts to help them develop an emergent mindset. 

Ciela has a research background in Culture and Human Behavior and has applied her knowledge of human behavior to organizations for almost two decades. She currently runs humcollective, a boutique strategy and innovation firm that helps companies, executives, and teams make sense of the forces shaping the future and prepare strategically. She is also a host for the Questioning Work podcast.

Key takeaways from my chat with Ciela:

  • Ciela is most curious about: Since she and her husband can’t travel as frequently as they used to, they are trying new recipes, inspired by other parts of the world.
  • The number one way Ciela is impacting people with her work: Dr. Ciela develops tools and practices that will enable leaders and the typical employee inside a company to thrive. She is particularly interested in the next generation of organizational and leadership practices. 
  • Ciela’s Book Recommendation: The Answer to How is Yes. It’s eloquent and provocative, challenging some of the tried-and-true procedures and organizations to get to the heart of the subject. 
  • The main points Ciela wants you to get from our conversation:
    • Many theorists predict that these types of unanticipated and profoundly interwoven emergent circumstances will continue to occur at a faster rate than ever before. We need organizations, leaders, and even individuals to embrace an emergent mindset. 
    • Devise an emergent strategy that focuses on adapting to changing conditions in real-time.
    • There has been a push to reduce complexity to simplicity and scale within businesses. That’s a very hazardous and emerging situation because the nuance is where we comprehend what’s going on.
    • We need to reconsider how we handle progress, accountability, and transparency and take a more cautious approach, which is the only way ahead these days. 
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