Are you feeling a little hesitant about getting back in to the marketing game with your business during COVID-19?

This episode was inspired by some of the conversations I am having with clients and peers who are feeling hesitant about putting their brand “out there”, during these uncertain times.

And, it’s also a reminder that people are buying. In fact, I am one of them and a couple of services I recently purchased didn’t even exist before the pandemic. Hence, all the more reason to get back into the marketing game with your business!

When you do one or more of these three things, you will feel primed and ready to “do business” on the other side of the pandemic

  1. Reconnect with clients and prospects
    1. How this works: reach out to at least five people (clients/prospects) via email or
      video service (check out the one I use here) to find out how you can support them at the
      moment. Wanna be more proactive? Invite them to hop on a quick call with you. This is
      NOT the time to go into “sales mode”. If they want to circle back on a service you once
      offered them, then certainly follow through with this sales opportunity
    2. Why is this important? Helps you learn where your clients and prospects are in
      the present moment. Inside the episode, I shared how I was able to get 12 leads for my
      business based on me reaching out to one of my strategic alliances. POWERFUL!
  2. Reaching out to referral partners
    1. How this works: think about the three to five industries who are most likely talking
      or marketing to your ideal clients. By doing this, you might find ways to create
      collaboration in the near future.
    2. Why this is important? Collaboration put you in front of other peoples audience.
      And, if you’re sharing referral partner’s information with your audience, you are adding
      another level of value or relevance to your audience. This increases your “know, like
      and trust” factor and builds credibility on a deeper level.
  3. Create content around topics that are relevant to your audience
    1. How this works: create consistent content on THE topics relevant to your
      audience in a video, written (blog/guest column) or audio file (like this podcast). In this
      episode, I share your next steps to create content.
    2. Why this is important? Again, keeps you “top of mind” and relevant in front of the
      people who are either going to do business with you or refer you.

At the end of the day:

It is your duty, as a leader as a business owner to put your message out there and to show up for the people who are meant to work with you. After all, who misses out on your gifts if you are not getting back into the marketing game with your business!

Before we wrap it up for today, just remember, I am rooting for you and am here to support you! Let me know how I can continue to serve and support you by emailing me

Oh, and one more thing…my team and I are continuing to add more podcast episodes to help you navigate COVID-19. Stay tuned for future episodes!

Stay in the game. Stay top of mind. Most importantly, stay safe!

Take care,

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