If you don’t currently feel the most confident or if you find yourself second-guessing your abilities as a leader, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I share five ways to boost your professional confidence. All of these things that I share with you are going to have an impact on how you lead and how you show up so you can truly love the work that you do while making the impact that you want for the people that you want to shape, mold, encourage, inspire and all those things that you want to do to really drive impact.

Number One: Journaling

Journaling is one of my favorite ways to feel more confident as a leader. Now journaling can mean a lot of different things. You can certainly have journal prompts. A few things that you might want to ask yourself is, where am I having success? So jotting some ideas about where you’re currently having some success. Where are you struggling? So write down with some of the theories, areas that you feel like you’re struggling in right now. And number three, what are some things that I could do to move me forward in my goals? Your goals could be another thing that you could journal about.

Number Two: Take a class

Not just any class though. I’m talking about taking a class in the sense of what can you do to improve your communication skillset or is there something you could be doing to improve the way that you speak to an audience? Something that’s going to help boost your impact on a broader scale. Define what that might look like by writing down some ideas on what classes you want to consider taking to improve your skillset.

Number Three: Read daily

I love reading books, especially business-related books. Things that are nonfiction, things that are going to challenge my way of thinking. Some of the best ideas that you can form as a leader come from something you potentially read online, like a daily blog or an article from a publication that you are seeking your news from. Taking just a few moments to read on a daily basis can give you some ideas and some insight as to what you might want to do in terms of your own packs, but it also could frame a situation that you’re currently experiencing right now. So taking just a few moments to breathe will definitely boost your confidence and give you some more skillset or give you some more insight as to what you’ve got you’ve next in your, in your unique situation.

Number four: Forming new habits

So is there something right now that you currently know is a habit that is not serving you? Are they keeping you small? Are they keeping you stuck?

By taking just a small, simple act of what you’re currently doing and replacing it with a new habit or a new mechanism to really help you get on track, I can guarantee it will flip you to feel more confident.

Number Five: Do one thing consistently

Is there something in your daily routine that is a little challenging? Maybe it’s working out, maybe it’s picking up the phone and contacting 10 prospects, maybe it is having a heart to heart conversation with at least one of your associates every day. Whatever the one thing is for you, I would pick something that you know you could focus on and do every single day, like come hell or high water. Something that’s going to force your hand a little bit to either engage in conversations with your employees or reach out to potential customers or to exercise, etc. Just taking one little thing that you could do consistently is going to put a little bit of pressure behind you doing it and making a concerted effort to make sure that you do that one thing every single day. You will be more confident if you show up and do things consistently.

So these little five ways that I shared with you today to boost your confidence as leader when you do them consistently, time and time again, it’s going to exercise those muscles within your leadership ability and it’s going to help you set the stage for bigger and better things that you want to eventually achieve.

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