Are you struggling to find your ideal clients? Do you want to expand into more lucrative markets? Do you need a better way to bring in qualified leads?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, today’s “Love the Work You Do” Episode is for you.

This episode is special because I am giving you a glimpse into the “Find Your Ideal Clients” Series. This is a series I created prior to the pandemic to help business owners, service providers, and entrepreneurs find, connect, and convert more of their ideal clients…faster. 

Today’s episode gives you access to the first three sessions in the 21-day series. 

  • Day 1 – Determining your most lucrative offer
  • Day 2 – Identifying who’s talking with your ideal clients
  • Day 3 – Engaging in productive conversation to gain more “word of mouth” referrals

Like what you’re listening to and you want to get access to the whole 21-day series? Since you are a listener of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast, I want to provide a special savings for you to get access to the whole series. 

Once you sign up for the series, you will get a short, actionable lesson each day for 21 days, delivered to your inbox. These lesson will help you take decisive action towards your sales and marketing goals. The series will have you feeling more confident about your ability to find, connect, and convert you most ideal clients.

Learn more about the entire “Find Your Ideal Client” 21-day Series here.

Although the “Find Your Ideal Client” Series is regularly $147, for a limited time, I am offering the series to the “Love the Work You Do” podcast listeners for $79. That’s a $68 savings. But, grab this special savings HERE before it goes away.

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