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Has the current state of our world left you less likely to follow through with more decisiveness, especially as it relates to your professional goals?

If so, you’re not alone and today’s episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast may be the thing you need to hear to stop stalling and take action.

In this episode, you are going to hear from three of my friends (Kim Boudreau Smith, Kela Hunt, and Amber Cebull) who have experienced their own struggles with following through with more decisiveness.

Yet, they have found ways to take action, in spite of these struggles and they have some tremendous gems of wisdom to share to help you stop stalling and take action on your most important goals.

Some of the points we address in the episode:

  • The most important characteristics of a positive work environment and ways to empower the people who are close to you
  • Tackling fears around starting something new, like a career pivot or starting a business
  • Overcoming obstacles to get stuff done, especially when everything seems stacked against you
  • Plus, Kim, Keii, and Amber will share their favorite resources to help you finally stop stalling on your biggest goals and take massive, decisive action.

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About Kim: 

Throughout a decades-spanning career, crossing a myriad of job descriptions and industries, Kim Boudreau Smith provides support and encouragement, coupled with strategy and tools, to help other women develop their own bold voice and show up in the world all through their voice. 

Often referred to as a multi-media maven, Kim has experience on a multitude of platforms where she expresses Her Bold Voice. Kim is a frequent guest on radio and podcasts and has compiled and co-authored several books that have made their mark in the Amazon Best-seller arena. 

Her training, coaching certification and corporate experience are the winning trifecta for having Kim mentor high achievers to a better media presence and asserting their own bold voice. 

Connect with Kim: Website | Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

About Keii:

Kela Hunte is known as Chef Keii (that’s pronounced “Key”) and is a trained Pastry and Culinary Chef. Her passion (and specialty) is transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary and delicious creations.  

While in culinary school, she discovered my love for mentoring and teaching. In 2018, she started C.U.T.S (Culinarians Unified Through Service) my mentorship club to inspire others reach their highest goals through food. 

​Chef Keii was recently featured on the Food Network’s “Martha Stewart’s Bake-away Camp”. And, starting August 1, 2020, her best-selling cookies will be available to ship in all fifty states.

Connect with Keii: Website | Facebook | Instagram

About Amber:

Amber Cebull is a digital marketing veteran and co-owner if Millennial Brewing Company, a microbrewery in Downtown Fort Myers. The brewery is best known for their initiatives in serving the local community. I love her how she identifies herself in her Instagram bio: Marketing Mastermind @MillennialBrewing. Vegan. Spiritual. Goddess. Mom. Runner. Fitness Junkie. Yogi. Badass. Just lighting the way for your soul.

I couldn’t agree more!

Connect with Amber: Website | FacebookInstagram

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