Creative Ways to Expand Your Brand Awareness – Episode 35 – Love the Work You Do Podcast

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If you are seeking creative ways to expand your brand awareness, especially if you’re traditional ways of positioning your brand have been affected by the 2020 pandemic, then today’s episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast is for you.

In this episode, you are going to hear from three innovative leaders who have leveraged podcasts, books and their circles of influence to open up more doors to expand their brands respectively. 

As you will hear in their stories, Tracy Hazzard, Nesha Pai, and Andi Diamond share the lessons they’ve learned to: generate more brand awareness (even during uncertain times); stand out from the crowd (even in a saturated industry); and make the most out of their marketing/advertising dollars to create more impact with their brands.

Some of the points we covered in today’s episode: 

  • How to create more awareness that actually translates into more business
  • Why it’s important to develop the future leaders in our respective profession
  • How to leverage “volunteer” or pro bono work to generate more publicity for your brand
  • Tracy, Nesha, and Andi also share their favorite resources that are “moving the needle” for them professionally and personally

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About Tracy: 
Tracy Hazzard is an Authority Magazine columnist, former Inc. Columnist, and host of 5 top-ranked podcasts including, The Binge Factor and Feed Your Brand–one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts. She is the co-founder of, the largest podcast production company in the U.S. As a content, product, and influence strategist for networks, corporations, marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, publications, speakers, authors & experts, Tracy influences and casts branded content with $2 Billion worth of product innovation around the world.

About Nesha:

Nesha Pai is the founder of Pai CPA, LLC in Charlotte, NC. She began her career within the world-renowned accounting firm Arthur Andersen, and later within multiple, privately held Fortune 500 companies as a business consultant, relationship facilitator, and accounting analyst. She realized she had a passion for the small business and entrepreneurial sector.

Since starting her own firm in 2011, Nesha has continued nourishing her own passion and the business growth of the Queen City by creating Pai Networking Group in 2017, and launching a podcast series, ‘Piece of the Pai,’ that focuses on allowing successful Charlotte entrepreneurs share their business insight.

She just recently published a book, Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles, chronicling her journey as a first-gen Indian woman born and raised in the South. Nesha herself has been a Charlotte resident for twenty-five years. Apart from her growing empire, she enjoys fitness, art, traveling, food, and being fashion-forward. 

About Andi:

Andi Diamond is a custom portrait photographer, based out of Tampa, Florida.  Her goal is to help her clients feel empowered, confident, and beautiful through boudoir photography, personal branding, and family portraiture.  Andi bleeds “orange and blue” and has been married to Pete for 18 years. Together, they have two children, Ethan and Emory.

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