Do you feel like you have a lot of different goals but you’re not really for sure how to prioritize them? If you have ever felt this way or currently feel this way, today’s podcast episode, “How to Prioritize Your Goals” is for you.

This episode is really about helping you get an idea of what your number one area of focus should be, as it relates to your goals. As we approach the end of the year, I have a lot of conversations (off-air) related to how to prioritize all goals or get clarity on which goals are going to truly move the needle. 

And, if you are thinking about the goals you want to set, you might be struggling with deciding where to start. Um, hello…there are personal goals AND professional goals, am I right? 

Well, if you are in that place of not knowing what to focus on first, hang in there…I’ve gotcha covered!

Here’s an overview of what’s inside of today’s “Love the Work You Do” podcast episode. This will also give you some framework as to what you can do to really position yourself from a place of strength as it relates to your goals:

  1. I share something I call the “Rock On, Work On” Challenge. 
  2. Listen in on why it’s important to actually challenge yourself to focus on one specific goal. 
  3. Here’s a little exercise to help set yourself up for long term success. 
  4. We’ll wrap this episode up with your next best steps, as it relates to you prioritizing your goals in a way that is going to make the most sense for where you are.

(02:03) The two tools you need to do the “Rock On, Work On” challenge. So in order to do the challenge effectively, you’re going to need: a pack of sticky notes and two different colored markers or pens.

(02:57) Here’s what you do with the sticky notes and two different colored markers

(03:54) Make sure you use a different sticky note for each thing you “rock” at and “work on”. When you do this exercise you should have 24 different sticky notes (12 things that you “rock” at, 12 areas that you want to “work on”

(04:47) Of 12 goals you want to work on, pick your top three “work on” goals. These are things you’ve either procrastinated on or you’ve thought they were too hard for you to explore

(05:54) From the three you’ve prioritized, narrow this down even further. Here’s how.

(06:40) Why it’s important to narrow your top three to one goal (your most important goal.

(07:27) What does it mean to go “all in” on a one goal? Some examples of getting focused energy, clarity, confidence, momentum are all shared here.

(10:51) Set yourself up for success within the first 15 to 20 minutes of your day being in doing this daily exercise (P.S. you will need to have a notebook where you can write down the points of this exercise, each day.)

(12:34) What to do to track your “most important priority” goal’s progress

(14:31) – The importance of gratitude and defining your next action step to help you move closer to accomplishing your goal

(16:07) As promised, here is your next best step to ensure you are tackling you most important goal, based on your highest priorities.

(16:52) Oh, make sure to post your “30,60,90 day” plan…where you can see it everyday ☺

(17:43) Wrapping up the episode with this final thought: You have the power to do exactly what you need to do…Now it’s up to you to make the decision to move forward.

(18:32) One more thing…here’s a reminder to get the most out of this episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast. 

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