Increase Your Productivity with Cheryl Glover, Kate Ahern, and Nicole Carver – Love the Work You Do – Episode 40

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If you feel like you are less productive and focused these days, you’re certainly not alone. And, being productive does NOT mean adding more to your plate.

In fact, in this episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast, our guests will have you feeling more empowered to say no to the things that bog you down, in order to free you to do the things that truly light you up.

This episode is special because you’ll hear from three of my friends, Cheryl Glover, Kate Ahern, and Nicole Carver discuss some of their best practices to help you increase your productivity.

Some of the points we discuss:

  • What’s really keeping you from being your most productive self and what to do instead
  • Why it is critical to have a good delegation game plan
  • How to define boundaries and keep your focus, even while you are working from home
  • Cheryl, Kate, and Nicole share some of their favorite resources to help YOU increase your productivity

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About Cheryl:

Cheryl R. Glover is currently the Business Administrator Pastor of Mount Hermon Ministries, a progressive and growing congregation in the heart Fort Myers Florida.

Cheryl is also the Co-founder of Having a Redeeming Influence Inc. (RICO), a 501c3 nonprofit established to provide services to homeless men and women, school supplies to needy children and families, and academic enrichment programming to underachieving students. Cheryl is the director the Women’s Ministry and is a Church Elder, sharing in the Pastoral Care of the Church with her Husband, Senior Pastor, Dr. William L. Glover.

Website:  | Facebook

About Kate: 

Kate Ahern (a.k.a. Kate Unfrazzled) is a productivity strategist and founder of Unfrazzle & Shine.  She helps smart, hardworking, ambitious women quit their to-do lists so they can have enough time for the things that truly light them up. After many years of checking the boxes as an overwhelmed attorney, Kate went to work to design her perfect day, instead of feeling dominated by her to-do list. Today, she guides other women through those same concrete steps.

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About: Nicole

Nicole Carver is a Lifestyle Manager, Solution Expert, Military Spouse, Mother of 3, and CEO of Carver Concierge a boutique Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management Agency; which provides personal, business and relocation assistance to C Suite Executives and busy professionals allowing them to focus on the things that give them joy and make them money.

Carver Concierge opened 8 years ago, and has expanded to include an amazing team of 5 in Tampa, unlimited access to a network of Concierge around the globe and is soon to launch in Nashville TN allowing them to provide geographically unlimited services virtually and with heels on the ground.

Website | Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

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