Upleveling Your Professional Leadership Skills – Episode 51

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Today’s episode, Melanie Griffin, Dr. Benah Parker, and Nicole Case, three outstanding leaders, will discuss some of their best practices to help you improve your professional leadership skills and abilities. 

Here’s a little about our podcast panelists: 

Melanie Griffin, founder of Spread Your Sunshine, a motivational speaker, consultant, and inspiring product creator, works as a Business Litigation and Employment Law Attorney with an AM Law 200 firm. Her ability to make a positive change made her worthy of several awards, including the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Women of Promise, Florida State University Inspire, and the Florida Bar YLD Outstanding Woman Lawyer of Achievement Awards. Connect with Melanie

Dr. Benah Parker is well-known for helping out CEOs in breaking their bad habits and creating a life beyond their wildest dreams.  She applies psychology to help leaders in concentrating on what matters most during times of uncertainty and going out of their comfort zone to accomplish both personal and professional goals, with a focus on mindfulness and authenticity. Connect with Benah

Nicole Case is a career and leadership coach who empowers corporate and entrepreneurial women to upgrade their lives and careers by identifying their strengths, setting boundaries and rebuilding their confidence to find and thrive in their ideal careers in businesses. She also uses her decade of corporate HR experience and her programs to support women and succeed as authentic and effective leaders on their own termsConnect with Nicole

Key Takeaways from this episode: 

  • Even if you fail to see your true mission in time, you may still have the opportunity to discover more about yourself and who you really are. 
  • It’s our unconscious habits, beliefs, and patterns that cause us to be reactive rather than proactive with our decisions. To become the person we want to be, we must grasp the importance of ownership and accountability for all we do. 
  • Great leaders will rise to the occasion and become even greater leaders for others. Empathy, vulnerability, resiliency, and excellent listening and communication skills are the leadership skills and attribute that the leader should be relying on right now to help struggling individuals seek the answers and guidance they need. 
  • To enhance leadership skills is to embrace challenges, accept criticism as truth while practicing positivity and gratitude. 
  • Letting go of that ability to control, believing that we have no control of how other people react to us but we can just control how we respond to it. 
  • Listen to feedbacks 
  • Learn something that’s going to propel you in your career. 
  • Allow time for self-care 
  • It’s important to treat each person with that dignity and respect 

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