Prioritizing Your Profits & Results with Diana Miret – Episode 55

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Diana Miret chats about how to prioritize your profits and results on this episode of the “Voices of Impact” podcast. She is the Numbers Whisperer, Business Growth Engineer, and FIX THIS NEXT Advisor. Diana is the recipient of a BA in Accounting and Finance and spent several quarters on the Dean’s List at the University of Cincinnati. She is certified in Project Management, an MIT certified Process Master, and holds a green belt in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma. As with most superheroes, they use their superpowers for good. And that is what Diana has set out to do with her coaching practice – The Business Profit Coach, LLC. She also brought this superpower to attorneys by co-founding The Profitable Lawyer.

Key takeaways from my chat with Diana:

  • Diana has run ten marathons and 25 half-marathons, all over the world
  • The key to determining your top priorities for the day and how this ties to your bottom line
  • What is the “survival trap” and the first step to avoid it
  • The method to become super-efficient with your tasks
  • Understanding your business’ hierarchy of needs
  • Critical support your business needs in order for it to stand the test of time
  • The compound effect conversion can create for your business and the simple way to achieve it
  • Book recommendations: Fix This Next and Profit First
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