Cultivating Thriving Relationships with Heidi Busche

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Heidi Busche is a speaker, author, and relationship expert. Her first book, “Relationship Ready: How I Stopped F*<king Randos and Started Cupcaking my Soulmate” is available now on Amazon and Audible. After years of striking out with guy after guy, Heidi finally bottomed out with men and relationships, and she became willing to do some work. The soul-level work that she did, completely transformed her perspective on the accessibility of love and relationships. And she realized that other women might need these tools, too. In 2018, Heidi left that cubicle life in order to write her book and to pursue her passion, helping women identify and change painful patterns in their relationships.

Key Takeaways from my chat with Heidi:

  • Heidi shares the thing she is most curious about, outside of her work…it’s a pretty awesome story
  • The foundation for why Heidi does the work she does today
  • THE thing that can hold us back from ultimate success in our relationships with others
  • Effective ways to tell people “no”
  • Best advice for communicating when emotions are elevated
  • How to face challenging situations with your partner, even if you’re not comfortable with confrontation
  • Book recommendation: Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés 
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