Daily Habits to Elevate Your Impact with Erica Castner – Episode: 66

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The key to elevate your impact starts with your daily habits. In this episode, Erica jumps behind the mic for a solo episode of the “Voices of Impact” podcast to share her daily habits to elevate the impact you are making with your brand.

Key Takeaways from Erica:

  • Erica’s favorite way to get other’s excited about her work…it’s a little counter-intuitive but this daily habit has given her plenty of referrals and open doors for new opportunities
  • A daily habit that has given her a chance to work with her ideal clients in 23 countries to date.
  • A secret productivity hack that helps Erica stay focused on elevating her impact with her brand
  • The biggest energy zapper to ruin your motivation and what to do instead.
  • Resource recommendation: Expand Your Brand Bootcamp – How to Leverage Other People’s Audiences to Boost Sales and Drive Impact with Your Brand

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