Creating Sustainable Joy in Your Life with Aly Calvo and Andrea Kulberg

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Together and individually, Aly Calvo and Andrea Kulberg are committed to creating sustainable joy in the lives of the people they impact. They have overcome incredible life challenges including blindness, poverty, divorce, and cancer to become award-winning international entrepreneurs, TV actresses and spokespersons, speakers, World Champion and All-American athletes, Olympic torchbearer, and cancer survivor.  

They have trained and mentored thousands of people from world-class athletes and aspiring entrepreneurs to military veterans, business leaders, and parents. Aly and Andrea connect with their online and live audiences in real, authentic ways where their inspiring story and contagious leadership style are the perfect blends of compassion and accountability. 

Key Takeaways from my chat with Aly and Andrea:

  • Aly and Andrea kick off the episode by sharing the thing that they are most curious about, as it relates to the way people connect with one another.
  • They discuss the impact they are making with their two companies, one of them being in the UK.
  • How they came to the decision to provide the empowerment framework they help their teens with to their parents, as well.
  • Aly and Andrea each tell a personal story related to speaking up for themselves.
  • One of the key traits all successful (and happy people) have and how they leverage their time by tapping into it.
  • A powerful story about trusting your gut and your ability, even when “naysayers” try to break you down.
  • Book mentions: The Bible, “Tiny Habits” by BJ Fogg, “Boundary Boss” by Terri Cole
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