The Secrets to Online Success with Ina Coveney – Episode 85

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Ina Coveney is committed to helping business owners discover the secret to online success. She is a business coach and host of The Global Phenomenon Podcast. Ina helps up-and-coming online coaches monetize their tiny audience through organic lead generation strategies before they invest time and money in audience growth. Ina reached 6-figures in her business before ever cracking 1,000 followers on any of her platforms, and her mission is to help coaches do the same.

Key Takeaways from my chat with Ina:

What Ina is most curious about, outside of her work: Communicating with non-humans (and a fun fact about the movie “Up”)

How Ina is making an impact with her work and the inspiration behind why she started: Ina left a corporate career to find fulfillment in projects she could get excited about. Although she has reinvented her brand since she started, she helps business owners and creators create success online

Where Ina is finding success: She isn’t focused on going “viral”. Ina is all about working on activities that are going to make her business profitable and sustainable. She is also focused on a single offer and the activities to build a business should be keeping sales coming in on that offer, in order to drive the impact you want to make with your brand.

The common mistake professionals make in their business growth goals and how Ina suggests overcoming it: Falling prey to the marketing message, “If you are not investing in yourself, you are not serious about your business”. Don’t misunderstand Ina, she does believe business owners need to make financial, time, and energy investments in their business based on their needs right now. She shares some great advice on how to discern what investments are a good fit for you.

When Ina is feeling stuck in her business growth goals: Ina has four ways she taps in to: talk therapy, conversations with her husband (even though he is not in Ina’s industry), align with a group of friends who are working on similar goals, and she also connects with her audience.

Connect with Ina:

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