Being Your Own Advocate with Barby Ingle

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In this episode, we have invited Barby Ingle. She talks about being our own advocate and elevating our voice in situations where we feel powerless. Barby is the president of the International Pain Foundation and a reality television star, chronic pain educator, and patient advocate. She is also a best-selling book on pain matters and a motivational speaker and columnist for Pain News Network.

Key Takeaways from Barby

  • Barby’s most curious about outside work: Barby is still fascinated by performance, despite it being no longer a physical aspect of her life. She enjoys seeing choreography and people’s interpretations of music through movement, pondering how she would have gone about doing it or how she would have presented it. Barby’s curiosity is piqued when she sees other people’s actual works.
  • Barby makes an impact through her work and her inspiration:  Barby does peer-to-peer mentoring and advocates for legislation to enhance access to care. She works with all Arizona legislators, both state and federal, and other states. In 2002, she was in a car accident that changed her life in eight seconds. Her uterus develops inside instead of shedding out, causing difficulties with other organs.
  • How Barby gets the most success: Barby isn’t afraid about losing anything because she’s starting over. It won’t be the same, but she can rebuild. But it will be a wonderful life. Barby never gives up, no matter what she faces. Leasing societal shame, stigmatizing guilt, and the feeling of not always being well, helped her attain her goal.
  • Common mistakes or misconceptions people make when trying to convey what they want to do: Barby is more prone to error when making decisions based on emotion. To acquire the help you need, you must comprehend the language of your new employment or whatever challenge you are facing. How you react to emotion or situation affects how it ends out and how much effort you put into dealing with the consequences.
  • The process of efficiently organizing medical records: Barby enjoys collecting medical records so doctors can find them easily. She believes that every information on the forms must be exact. Doctors may review these records for references if you can’t talk, which, generally disregarded, increases the risk of prescription errors.
  • Current Projects: Barby has participated in various awareness events, but she is particularly interested in “Nervember” and Pinktober for breast cancer. It was such a success and garnered so much attention that they now add awards for those who join up for the cause, with cash prizes being the most common.
  • How the pandemic Impacted Barby: Barby’s involvement in various activities and causes, impacted by the epidemic, has changed how she would typically participate in these events; even with all of the constraints, they merged virtually.
  • Barby’s Golden Advice: You must go out and ask for it; you must reach out and say, “I need support; this is the assistance I require.” You might not be the first person to do so, but aid will eventually arrive. Whatever you’re up against in life, there are a million methods to overcome it. So look for, reach out, and have faith that the things and tools will come into your life.
  • Barby’s Book Recommendation: Atlas Shrugged, a 1956 novel by Ayn Rand. Barby highly recommends it since Barby was able to remove the emotions from a circumstance with the help of the book, and it aided her in seeing all sides of the matter. Realize that whenever she’s in a position, she should pause and look around to see what’s going on, where Barby’s supposed to be in that circumstance, and how she can assist us all in getting to the next level.
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