From Broken to New Again with Andy Ptacek

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In this episode, we have invited Andy Ptacek. She shares how you can find beauty in life even when faced with many obstacles in your journey. Andy is a best-selling author, a 14-year entrepreneur, a community builder, a Certified Mental Health Paraprofessional, and a Certified Christian Life Coach who specializes in assisting women in breaking free from autopilot and stepping into their God-aligned potential. 

Key Takeaways from my chat with Andy

  • Andy’s most curious about outside work: Andy competed in national weightlifting competitions. As a result, she enjoys weightlifting, barbells, and learning about how the body moves, as well as all the cycles involved.
  • What inspired Andy into weightlifting: Andy began CrossFit shortly after the birth of her second child. She is enthralled by the thought of strong women with unique shapes, both physically and mentally, because strong women were uncommon when she was a child. After being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, she became fully committed to fitness.
  • Andy makes an impact through her work and her inspiration: Andy had never considered becoming a life coach. She had no desire to put herself in that box, and she fought it for some reason. Until it was simply this natural thing happening while she was telling her story, Andy believes that sharing experiences is a powerful thing to begin with and that it was one of the things that helped her get through her worst days. After hearing these inspiring stories of people overcoming adversity on social media, Andy gained hope. “New Again” is the title of a book she wrote.
  • How Andy gets the most success: We can travel so much further together than alone when we invite someone along for the ride. It’s remarkable what can happen when we have shared experiences and perspectives, and we can truly put our heads together on issues. There’s a part of you that wants to do it all by yourself. But there’s also the aspect of feeling like you have an inside critic, which everyone does, and that inner critic can be pretty loud. As a Christian Lifecoach, Andy insists that we must intentionally lift ourselves out of those nasty moments and turn them into something beautiful.
  • Common mistakes or misconceptions people make when trying to convey what they want to do: Most accomplish everything independently. But there are others who are co-dependent in some form but aren’t aware of it. We must be self-sufficient. Whether or not we could be do-it-yourselfers who are a little too self-reliant. We are just being aware of where the balance is. However, we could also be people-pleasers or have grown up in a way where we never really wanted to rock the boat. We must pay attention to it. We must understand that this is a well-defined path, and that is not the path we should take. We need to go on a different route, even if it’s very uncomfortable.
  • What someone can do when feeling stuck: Look for the opportunity in the challenge, that is the mindset to have, and then do something tactical to benchmark those more meaningful goals. If we can utilize tiny criteria to build momentum, Andy loves to employ a SMART objective with customers for intelligent tracking. Once you’ve done that, you’ll feel more confident and have a positive momentum moving into the following goal, which will help you move the needle forward.
  • Andy’s Book: Andy’s book, “New Again,” is about coming back to life after being broken, injured, and suffering from mental illness. She fought to return to her old way of life, and when she realized it wasn’t feasible, she was permanently hurt.
  • Andy’s Book Recommendation: Andy would recommend the book “Changes that Heal,” which was recommended by her friend Dr. Henry Cloud, to audiences looking for pearls of wisdom in dealing with healthy boundaries, defending themselves, and generally teaching people how you want to be treated.
  • Connect with Andy: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Instagram

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