Go from Overwhelmed to Empowered with Felicia Etienne – Episode 98

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In this episode, we have invited Felecia Etienne who will share how leaders can go from overwhelmed to empowered. She is a speaker and peak performance coach with nearly two decades of experience working with leaders and entrepreneurs in senior-level roles. Felecia has also helped build a new $150M sales channel and launch 130+ new sales associates for a Fortune 500 company. 

Key takeaways from my chat with Felecia:

  • How Felecia is making an impact on the world: Felecia is very driven and focused on her career. But after finding herself lying in a hospital bed, not knowing if she was going to survive, she realized that she was overworked and underappreciated. Now, she aims to create an impact with her passion for helping people have what they want in their lives without going through what she experienced. 
  • How Felecia is finding success as a Business Owner: Felecia finds success in many areas as she finds time to slow down and plan out strategic projects. Before, she was only one person doing all the work. Now she is taking the time to plan everything out and reflect every morning. She would plan her day, think about the next challenge, and overcome it. She is no longer working the business but the life.
  • What are Felecia’s Principles: Get comfortable in the visionary state. Dream and let it flow, and start writing things down. As you write things down, think of what you desire, and don’t let that go. Say your goals out loud until you reach clarity, which comes from action. 
  • What you can and cannot control: Everyone gets to go through emotional ups and downs. Write down exactly what you’re feeling. Look at the things you control and influence. Once you have that list down, start breaking it down into actionable things. Just take small actionable steps and build from there. 
  • Felecia’s advice to someone pursuing the path of empowerment: Many leaders lower the bar for themselves. But, Felecia encourages them to elevate their goals and celebrate achievements, along the way. She suggests leaders write a performance review because they are the strongest asset they have. Empowerment starts from within yourself.
  • Felecia’s Recommended Book: Felecia recommends The Road Less Stupid by Keith ChairmanThe author talks about the importance of time and being cautious of opportunities without structure. Effective leaders are disciplined to have structures in their business so they can grow.

Work with Felecia:

Felicia is working on the Level Up and Thrive Accelerator Program. It will be a hybrid between the group and one in one program. One of the lessons that she learned is the importance of community. She says that we all need to have a community to raise each other up and work together. Learn more about the program here

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