The purpose of today’s show is really to give you an inside scoop as to what we’ll be covering inside of the podcast over the next several episodes.

The Love the Work You Do podcast is ideal for you if you are a leader who wants to create a more meaningful impact in the work that you are currently doing and/or you also want to express more joy in the things that you are currently doing, whether it’s in the workplace or outside of the workplace.

Topics the podcast will cover:



Boosting Professional Confidence

Standing Out From Your “Competition”

Effective Communication

Staying Motivated

Overcoming Obstacles


And More…

If you have a topic you would like for me to cover, please let me know in the comments!

Resource of the week:

Get some ideas on how you can be more productive in your work situation, which is going to help you be more purposeful and also more profitable and the things that you’re doing to really enhance what you’re doing in your professional work environment with my free guide, 12 ways to be more productive, purposeful, and profitable.

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