7 Tips to Being a Featured Guest on Other People’s Podcasts with Erica Castner

If you want to grow an audience of paying clients without having to come up with new content ideas, this Voices of Impact episode is for you. I’m dishing out some hot tips on one of my favorite marketing strategies, being a guest on other people’s podcasts.

  1. Establish who you are talking to. Think about the numbers one way you want to work with clients and then define THE type of person (your most ideal person) you want to work with. You might serve clients a number of ways but think about the one offer that gives you the most return. Then, think about the type of people who are already talking or marketing to your ideal client. This will help you streamline the types of podcasts you’d be a great guest for.
  2. Put together your “speaker’s toolkit”. When you’ve identified the type of podcasts you can be a guest for, most hosts will require some specific information from you, like your short bio, your website and social media links, the kind of topic you speak about. Now, if you don’t have a speaker’s toolkit and want my step-by-step guide for free…download it here
  3. Join podcast guest communities. My favorites are Podcastguest.com and Podcast Guest Collaboration Community on Facebook.
  4. Build your network of hosts. But, come from a place of adding support with their goals. In other words, don’t connect with podcast hosts via social media and then go into pitch mode. Take time to build a relationship or engage in their content so that you stand out before you “pitch slap” them.
  5. Listen to other podcasts. This gives you an idea of how you might want to communicate your expertise on podcasts.
  6. Practice your talking points. The more you practice your talking points, the more confident you will feel when you’re invited to be someone else’s podcast.
  7. Be considerate of the podcast hosts’ space. Don’t follow up a bajillion times or blindside with your “pitch” upon connecting with them for the first time.

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