Work with the type of people you REALLY want to

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Work with the people you REALLY want to:
Start attracting your ideal clients and build your dream team.

It is so important to start attracting people you really want to work with by focusing on our idea client to build your dream team.

So how many of you are overwhelmed and frustrated by working with clients that are not paying you what you’re worth?

They’re undervaluing what you bring to the table and you’re over it.

You’re tired of spinning your wheels working with high maintenance clients for low amounts of revenue. If that is you are tired of high maintenance clients, clients from hell, or working too much for too little money, then keep reading!


Chances are you are a kick-ass service provider. 

The biggest concern is that there is so little time in our day and you are working so hard for your clients. We are focused on retaining clients so much that we don’t care of our mental health as business owners.

You are willing to bend over backwards and do things that either undermine our time and undervalue what we’re worth.

Instead of having to deal with all that, you need to position yourself in front of people that will actually pay us what you are worth that will actually respect your time frame, respect your boundaries, AND refer us more idea clients.


So how to get the clients you WANT to work with.


First and foremost, it starts with you knowing what you want in the first place. So you have to be convicted and know who you want to work with and what you want.

Here’s a little formula that’ll help you get in the right mindset:

1. What is the one thing that you love to solve for people

2. Who do you solve it for?

If you haven’t already figured that out, I want you to write down what services you currently provide and what do you really love to do.

Narrow down your services! If you could get up every single day and do this day in, day out and would never get bored with it and it’s going to serve your soul, what would it be?

Get very specific about the one thing that you really truly want to do as a service to people, what problem does it solve and who does it specifically solve it for?

Make a commitment to focus on that ONE thing because we have to know what we stand for and aren’t just out there saying that we’ll do anything and everything.

Once you’ve done the homework, leave a comment below and I would love to know what you came up with!

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