If you want to boost success in any aspect of your career or life, today’s episode is for you.

Today’s episode is inspired by my recent request of featured the “Love the Work You Do” Podcast on iHeartRadio

In addition to sharing that story, I’m also going to share three simple habits to implement (daily) for more success.

Consider applying these three principles to only one area you want to improve, for the next thirty days. After all, focusing on way too many things will likely derail your success, in the long run.

First up, a short little story… I waited for this podcast to be two months old and completed a short application on iHeartRadio‘s website to be a partner with them. As soon as I submitted the request, I got a confirmation email saying that I would hear back from them within 14 days.

But after the 15th or 16th the day, I still didn’t hear back from them. 

What happened next is the perfect metaphor for creating success in any aspect of our career or life.

Here is a quick run-down of the success habits I shared in this episode (of course, I go a bit deeper on each point, in the episode):

  1. Make a request or “the ask” – and why this is so important 
  2. Follow up and follow-through – don’t expect other people to take the initiative to follow up (I give you a kind phrase to use to gently judge people)
  3. Be consistent in showing up – meaning work on strengthening your habits and skills daily. Don’t take opportunities for granted.

Commit to implementing these simple success habits, every day for the next thirty days. When you do, chances are…your life will look a lot different. 

One more point: Whenever you are working towards success, it’s going to feel messy and then perfect. However, it is the messiness and imperfections that guide us to strengthen our skills, in order to be more successful in the long run.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. What was your biggest takeaway from today’s podcast episode? I would be so grateful for you to share it, in the comments section below.

Here’s to you forming habits to gain more success in your career and life!

Take care,


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