Build Your Audience Beyond Your Backyard – Episode 133 – Voices of Impact

Want to build your audience beyond your local market? In this episode, Erica Castner shares four simple ideas to support your audience-building efforts.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to implement these ideas all at once. In fact, it is highly recommended you refine one strategy at a time and add other strategies as you grow.

The four ideas shared in this episode include:

  • Attend conferences or virtual events in your industry or related to your industry.
  • Co-create content with others who are already building an audience of your ideal clients. Find other content creators who want to feature you on their platform: Speakers & Podcasters Collaborate Community
  • Take someone else’s course or workshop. Most course creators provide a virtual social media community for their students to engage with one another. Stand out in those groups by providing helping resources and participating in group thread conversations.
  • Join state, national, or global associations. Chances are, you have a local chapter of a national or global association in your market. Join the association locally and then learn what opportunities are available for you to get involved. Check out this association of speakers, podcasters, and content creators.

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