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Do you feel like you need to spend some time connecting with your purpose? If so, this episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast is for you.

You are going to hear from two of my friends, LaShaun Collier and Sara Mayer, who will share their best practices and tips to help you feel more connected with your purpose.

Some of the points we will cover today: 

-How to define meaning and purpose

-Steps to take today, in order to discover your true purpose

-Reframing the “New Year’s Resolutions” mentality

-Simple steps to identify your core principles and tune out distractions

-Resources to guide you in your journey towards connecting with your purpose

About LaShaun Collier: 

LaShaun is the Founder of Whole & Well, a company dedicated to helping you consciously engineer your behavior in a way that is consistent with your true potential. Her previous experiences as the Director of the Wellness Resource Center at USF, a research assistant at MIT, the Director of Multimedia Technologies at Morehouse College combined with owning multiple six-figure businesses makes her a quadruple threat in neuroscience, well-being, technology + entrepreneurship. 

Connect with LaShaun: Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram 

LaShaun’s Resource: Women Who Run with Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

About Sara Mayer: 

Sara C. Mayer, owner, and creator of Sara Mayer Consulting is your go-to expert on organizing your hectic days, weeks, and months into manageable, and functional chunks of work. Sara has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Sandra Day O’Connor Community Service Award. She is a founding member of the Joyride Society, serves on the Association of Junior League International Governance Committee, and most importantly, a licensed foster parent to two teen daughters and a strong advocate for foster youth.  

Sara’s Resource:The Life Coach School” Podcast by Brooke Castillo 

Connect with Sara:Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

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