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If you want to make a bigger impact with your message, services, or programs, getting booked for more (virtual) speaking gigs or podcast interviews is a great way to expand your brand awareness without necessarily expanding your marketing budget.

However, if you are applying for (virtual) speaking gigs or podcast interviews without making a great first impression, the decision makers of these opportunities will pick someone who DOES make a great first impression, even if that person is less qualified than you! UGH! 

So, how do you stand out to improve your odds of being a featured guest on a virtual event stage or podcast? 

In today’s episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast, I’m going to give you everything you need to create what I call your “Quality Speaker’s Toolkit”. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what will cover in this episode: 

  • First, will cover the components to include in your “Quality Speaker’s Tool Kit”. 
  • Next, will discuss why it’s important to lead with your credibility factor and how did to find it. 
  • We’ll also discuss my favorite tools to keep your speaker toolkit together so you’re more likely to get booked for more virtual speaking gigs and podcast interviews. 

And, if you need a little more guidance with this…don’t worry, I’ve gotcha covered!

I’ve created a free downloadable guide which includes: fill in the blank sections, examples, links to my favorite tools to put your “Quality Speaker’s Tool Kit” together, as well as some additional bonus nuggets that will support you in your goals to get on more virtual stages and podcast interviews, in order to increase your influence, income, and impact with your message, service or product. Click on the photo below

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