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Does the thought of creating your personal accomplishment plan seem overwhelming? Perhaps you may even feel like there’s no point in creating a solid plan when there’s some much uncertainty in the world.

If you can relate to what I just said, then this episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast is for you. Today, I welcome two of my friends, Tasheekia Perry-Harris and Andrea Dillon for an in-depth conversation around creating your personal accomplishment plan.

Our guests have certainly accomplished a lot in their careers and lives and they reveal some of their best practices so you can begin creating your ideal plan.

Some of the points we cover in the episode:

-How to turn your passions into your mission-filled purpose

-Simple ways to support your fellow circle of influence members more confidently and authentically without feeling intimidated

-Tracking smaller goals in order to gain momentum for the bigger goals you ultimately want to achieve

About Tasheekia

Tasheekia Perry-Harris is the director of Crowning Daughters for Success, an enrichment Program that serves girls ages seven & older in the area of healthy self-esteem, character/leadership, and social etiquette.

She is also the host of “Girl Talk” on Lee Pitts Live, a radio show focused on spotlighting women who make positive difference. Tasheekia is also a minister, speaker and facilitator.

Connect with Tasheekia: Website | Facebook | LinkedInInstagram

About Andrea

Andrea Dillon is a CPA as well as a certified tax resolution specialist. She has been with our firm for 12 years, and has found her passion with helping people who have tax problems or are behind in filing their tax returns. 

Andrea also enjoys working with real estate agents, helping to educate them on the financial side of running their real estate business while staying in tax compliance and assisting with tax planning while simultaneously helping them reach their financial goals. 

When she is outside of our office, Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband, John, and two boys, Jakub and Matthew.

Connect with Andrea: Website Facebook | LinkedIn

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