Tapping into the Power of Persistence with Cosette Leary, Jennifer Tracy, and Betsy Opyt – Love the Work You Do – Episode 42

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If you’ve ever experienced a personal or professional struggle (or you’re currently going through a tough time, today’s episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast will certainly help you hone in on the power of persistence.

Today, you’ll hear from three of my friends, Cosette “CoCo” Leary, Jennifer Tracy, and Betsy Opyt who are doing amazing, epic things to add value in this world, but their road hasn’t been easy.

The good news, they will share a few lessons they’ve learned throughout their journey, in order for you to tap into your own power of persistence, so you can stay the course in accomplishing your biggest goals.

Some of the points we covered:

  • What to consider when making tough judgment calls
  • Why it’s important to reach out for help
  • How to reframe “failures” to pave the path towards persistent action
  • CoCo, Jennifer and Betsy will share their favorite resources to help you tap into your power of persistence

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About Cosette:

Cosette “CoCo” Leary Motivational Speaker, Professional Coach, Author, and Educator who has overcome a childhood of poverty, abuse, growing up in orphanages, group homes, and foster homes since the age of 12, and finding herself pregnant with her first child at 14 years old.

Despite these circumstances, she has raised four children and has gone from years of surviving off welfare benefits to earning her University Degree in Public Administration graduating with the highest honor of Summa Cum Laude, while serving as a staff member in both a Senatorial and Congressional office.  CoCo’s work is dedicated to showing others how to break the cycle of poverty in order to achieve their biggest dreams.

Connect with CoCo: Website  | Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Tracy is a National Speaker, Author, and a highly sought after Mental Health Coach with a mission to save lives. Her life’s purpose is to help driven leaders stop struggling silently and she teaches them how to truly find life on the other side of depression, grief, PTSD and possibly even thoughts of suicide.

Connect with Jennifer: Website | Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Twitter

About Betsy:

Betsy is a licensed and registered dietitian, athlete, professional speaker, writer and is the founder of Your Ideal Coach and the Creator of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters. Her first job was as Miss Indiana 2000 and she dedicated her year as a spokesperson for her platform “A Healthy Beginning” which was a health educational tour sponsored by the Indiana Dept. of Education. 

Betsy’s work has been featured on a number of nationally recognized publications. Her love for food, fitness, life, and being a role model as a mother and professional is her drive to motivate and inspire others to invest in their most important asset, their health. 

Connect with Betsy: Website | Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

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