Nine Branding Mistakes to Avoid (Part 2) – Love the Work You Do – Episode 43

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If you are wanting to increase your reach but you’re struggling to do the things you want to do to get in front of more people, today’s episode will give you some ideas on how to expand your brand awareness.

This episode of “Love the Work You Do” podcast is part two of the nine personal branding mistakes to avoid in positioning your brand out there.

Some of the points I covered in the episode:

  • How to have the right mindset behind every decision and how to identify your personal mindset that you can actually do after you hear this episode
  • Why it is important to make smart investments on what you can do to elevate your game by getting the right support
  • How to track your efforts in perceiving your message to your target audience
  • What to do to position your message in front of your ideal clients on a consistent basis
  • The importance of taking the time to craft out your methods and operations as you put yourself out there

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

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