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If you are struggling in your business right now because there are no networking events, here are a few for you to do to position your brand and your message to establish the value that you’re bringing to the market space.

Today’s episode is all about how to help you build “know, like, and trust factor” with your current circle of influence and beyond, even if you don’t have a single networking event to attend in person.

Some of the points I covered in the episode:

  • What you can do in reaching out to people to collaborate with them where you can add value to their audience and then vice versa
  • The significance of reaching out privately to people that are either existing clients or existing centers of influence coach without selling anything to them
  • How to be somebody that is worthy of ‘know, like, and trust factor’ without being salesy, pushy, and needy
  • Why it’s important to be committed to putting out your content that is organized in order to add value to your current circle of influence

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