Feel More Confident And Boost Your Professional Presence – Episode 50

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In this episode, we talked about some of the best practices from four dynamic leaders, Jaime Diehl, Jessica Macera, Dr. Sharon Jones, and Rachel Earp, to help you feel more confident in your professional presence. 

Here’s a little about our podcast panelists: 

Jaime Diehl a personal stylist helping female business owners harness the power of intentional style to increase success, a top-performing senior stylist at Stitch Fix for five years before starting her own styling company. She also enjoyed styling for live television with QVC back in Pennsylvania and now an on-air fashion expert with Great Day Live Tampa Bay. She offers virtual and in-person services to hundreds of thousands of clients. Connect with Jaime Diehl

Jessica Macera co-founder of Business Dynamics Solutions since 2007. Her company consulted with over 300 companies to inspire and help business owners build their dream businesses. She just established a YouTube channel called #MaceraMondays where she shares her favorite business ideas and subjects. Jessica is extremely enthusiastic about volunteerism, education, and economic and workforce development.  Connect with Jessica Macera

Dr. Sharon Jones is the founder and CEO of Dot Consulting and the nonprofit Dottie Rose Foundation, where she leads and implements technology-focused education and innovation. Dr. Jones has spent over 20 years as a computer science expert, bridging the gap between our everyday behaviors and the use of technology. Connect with Dr. Sharon Jones

Rachel Earp, the COO of Earp Enterprises, a national marketing organization for Medicare and life and health insurance products. As a former teacher, she loves educating, empowering, and encouraging others to thrive in what they’re meant to do. She is the host of the podcast “Heels, Handbags, and Hustle,” as well as a published author. Rachel is also a mother, and she is quite involved in a lot of community activities. Connect with Rachel Earp

Key Takeaways from this episode: 

  • Looking our best or feeling our most confident allows us to perform better. 
  • Every human brain is capable of picking up on your vibes. 
  • Creating new habits, as well as speaking to oneself in a positive and constructive manner is a great technique to increase confidence. 
  • You won’t be confident in your work if you just do it once in a while. Having systems and consistency is important. 
  • When we recognize our passions and inner strengths, then it naturally gives us confidence. 
  • If you’re passionate about it and want to learn about it the confidence will follow. 
  • When you’re dealing with impostor syndrome, sometimes it’s as simple as surrounding yourself with other individuals. 
  • The whole essence of confidence is about understanding what you are capable of achieving and having self-belief in yourself, even if you know people question you or don’t believe in yourself. 

Resources recommended in this episode: 

Additional resources for leaders who want to scale their impact: 

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