Break up with perfectionism with Audrey Holst – Episode 84

Audrey Holst is on a mission to help professional women break up with perfectionism. She guides ambitious high performers and high achievers who are ready to stop micromanaging their lives with perfectionism so they can actually start living. Audrey is the founder of the Fortitude & Flow® Process which uses mindful and embodied practices to create transformation. Her work goes beyond mindset and addresses perfectionism’s impossible standards at their root cause.

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What Audrey is most curious about, outside of her work: Finding ways to bring nature into work to enhance creativity

How Audrey is making an impact with her work and the inspiration behind why she started: After her own experience with perfectionism, she went to work to collect over 60 hours of interviews with people with perfectionist tendencies to get to the core of their perfectionism “archetypes”. This work led her to formulate her Fortitude & Flow Process

Where Audrey is finding success: By communicating with others and understanding the different methods of how people communicate. Audrey also recommends having a support circle to get feedback, bounce ideas off of, and help with tasks that are not your strong in. She also adds that perfectionism is a survival mechanism and the ways perfectionism can impede effective communication.

The common mistake professionals make in their communication and how Audrey suggests overcoming it: Thinking the first time you do something id the only chance you’ll get. This is true especially when building relationships. Audrey points out three specific examples of professional communication patterns to avoid and what to do instead

An upcoming goal for Audrey: She is expanding her work in helping people understand their own perfectionism architype and there is a book in the works

When Audrey gets stuck: She moves her body

For those who are really crippled by perfectionism: Audrey suggests giving yourself grace and stop saying “I shouldn’t have to do…” in order to break up with perfectionism

Audrey has a free gift for our listenersPerfectionist Architype Guide

Book recommendation: When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron

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