Managing Relationship Triggers with Ludmila Woodruff – Episode 86

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Ludmila Woodruff is on a mission to help professionals managing their relationship triggers. She is a Life and Relationship Coach for leaders who want to feel successful in their relationships as much as they do in their career or business. Ludmila helps people heal their trauma and teaches them emotional regulation by embracing a holistic approach to healing the body-mind connection.

Key Takeaways from Ludmila:

What Ludmila is most curious about, outside of her work: Exploring different cultures music

How Ludmila is making an impact with her work and the inspiration behind why she started: Everyone has relationships but it can it can be challenging to regulate our own emotions when we are communicating in those relationships. Her own struggle with managing her relationship triggers with her family led her to seek out the tools to help her. Today, she’s helping other women acquire these tools for themselves.

Projects Ludmila is excited to work on: Diving into the study of attachment styles and incorporating her finding into her programs. She is also speaking on podcasts and conferences on the topic on emotional regulation. 

What to do when you find yourself in a triggering situation: Pay attention to clues. If you are being triggered, this is an emotional response, not logical. So, let these moments be a sign that you’ve got to access your emotions. Get honest about your feelings. And, write down what your feeling so you can begin to identify your next steps.

When Ludmila is feeling stuck: She does Kundalini Yoga or dances with her boys to get the energy flowing. Ludmila also reaches out to a friend that will hold space for her without judgement or gets a hug from her husband to regulate her emotions.

Recommended resources: Esther Perel’s podcasts (find both of them here), Untamed by Glennon DoyleBrené Brown’s work, Ted Lasso

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