How Masterminding can create amazing referral partnerships

by Oct 1, 2019Business, Networking

Why people arent returning your emails or calls

Video Highlights:

Are you a business owner or a professional service provider who is doing anything and everything to gain more awareness or leads to your business? 

This video is all about the power of masterminding and how it can create some referral partnerships and more strategic alliances for you down the road. I dive into a few quick things that you should be thinking about as to how masterminding relates to your bottom line.

I used Napoleon Hill as an example. His whole take on masterminding or his definition of it was really allowing two or more minds to focus on a specific challenge, a specific problem in an effort to come up with a solution and more of a collaborative effort. 

For a lot of us in business today, competition has a tendency to rear its ugly head and keeps us stuck. It keeps us spinning in circles and it doesn’t allow us to grow in a way that’s going to serve us, but masterminding, however, is an opportunity for us to get other people’s brain power on the things that we’re looking at and maybe the things that we’re wanting to achieve as it relates to growing our business or being more productive or seeking other opportunities to position ourselves a little more strategically than what we currently are.


If we have other brainpower behind our challenges, we’re going to be able to offer other solutions to other people’s problems. 


Watch the video to hear my thoughts on masterminding and comment below as I’d love to hear from you on what’s working or where are you having some challenges when it comes to masterminding?