One Way to Increase Your Productivity and Focus!

by Aug 27, 2019Productivity

Why people arent returning your emails or calls

 Video Highlights:

Do you feel like your productivity or your ability to focus throughout the day seems to go out the window by noon? If you’ve ever been in that situation, stick around. Today’s live stream is for you. 

I know for a lot of you that are really doing your darndest to position yourself in front of your ideal client. A lot of times you’re struggling because there is one thing that is generally keeping you stuck and complacent and not moving forward and feeling less productive and feeling less focused. 

So what’s keeping you from getting the referrals you want or working with the clients that you want to work with? It’s your dang inner circle, the people you surround yourself with are most likely not doing a damn thing for you. They’re not helping you get to that next level.

I know it’s easy to stay complacent and comfortable with the people that you know, like and trust the most. But I know for a lot of you, you have bigger ideas about where you want to go as it relates to not only your professional goals but also personally, right? You have a lot of personal goals that tie to how you show up professionally. 

I’ve got a little exercise to get you thinking. 

Grab a pen & a notebook and put down on paper the five people you surround yourself with the most. This is personally and professionally the five people you spend the most time within a typical work week. 

Now, evaluate each person with either a P and N or a Dash on. So P means that they are a positive influence in your life. They’re adding some sort of value into what you’re doing. They’re either sending you business, they’re mentoring you, they’re giving you some encouragement. The N stands for negative. Negative means those people that are taking and never giving. They are not doing anything to help you get to that next level but are always asking for advice and help…

The dash means that this is a person that’s neither one of them. They aren’t really adding any value to your world, not providing any type of mentorship, not referring you business but on the other side of that, they’re not necessarily being negative and aren’t necessarily wasting your time. 

The point of this exercise is to be sure that if we’ve got ambitious goals, that we’re surrounding ourselves with people that are going to be in it to win. So anybody that’s on the has an N or a dash by their name. I want you to come up with some ideas and how you can distance yourself from those people for the time being. It doesn’t mean you have to eliminate them. On the flip side of that, what are some ideas that you have to help position yourself in front of people that are on the positive side of things? 

Really getting clear about who is in your inner circle is so important because people drive everything we’re wanting to do as it relates to growth in our business. You have to have customers, you have to have referral partners, you have to have a message to get in front of people. If you’re not surrounding yourself with your ideal inner circle people that are going to uplift you and inspire you to take action and do things that are on a different level, then this exercise is the first step to unlocking that for you so you can be more focused and more productive.

I’d love to hear what came up for you after doing the exercise. Leave a comment below and let me know if I can support you in any way!