Why people aren’t returning your emails or phone calls

by Oct 22, 2019Networking

Why people arent returning your emails or calls


Why People are NOT returning your emails or phone calls


So if you’re wondering why people aren’t returning your phone calls or answering your emails, this video is for you.


If you are getting more nos or rejection than you would like, or if you’re getting people that are not returning your messages via voicemail, via email, I want you to think about why people are not getting the the desired responses. 


Ask yourself the following questions:


1. Am I asking for something too soon in the relationship? Do I have enough equity in our relationship in order for me to ask this person for whatever it is I am asking for in email communication or that phone communication?


 And if you do not have enough of a relationship with them to have this conversation with that person they are probably not going to immediately return your phone call or fire back an email and answer your request.


2. What can you do to strengthen that relationship in the next 30 days so that you are engaged enough with that person so they are more likely to return your call or email? If you have invested in that relationship, they are more likely to respond with the desired response or fill the request you ask of them.


 I want to challenge you to think about where you are at in your relationships. Understand and get really honest with yourself why are people not returning your emails, and not returning your phone messages. Are you asking for something too soon in the relationship?


Take a moment to really evaluate where that ask is coming from. Then think about what can you do in the next 30 days to strengthen that relationship with the person you’re asking something of and do your best to build that relationship before you ask for another thing.


Are you currently struggling with this? What can you do differently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!