Habits to Improve Your Marriage with Cheri Timko – Episode 119

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Believe it or not, your personal relationship can affect your professional world. In this episode, I chat with Cheri Timko is a Relationship Coach who helps women deepen their connection with their current partner so they can have the relationship they long for. She has been happily married for 20 years. Cheri is a veteran psychotherapist and homeschool mom to three teenage daughters. In this interview, she shares simple habits to improve your marriage.

Key takeaways from my chat with Cheri:

  • What Cheri is most curious about: Cheri has been dreaming about having a garden for a long time. She is intrigued by the idea of having a productive garden. She was continuously preoccupied with her new business, so she needed to figure out if she wanted a fruitful garden.
  • The number one way Cheri is impacting people with her work: Cheri helps couples build a genuine, grounded relationship with each other, and she introduces relationship habits to them in hopes that they might establish those connections and pull them closer to each other.
  • Cheri Book Recommendation: John Gottman’s Seven Principles for a Successful Marriage. If you’re going to read a relationship book, this is the one that will help you fix some of the difficulties in your relationship that haven’t worked out so well.
  • The main points Cheri wants you to get from our conversation:
    • Communicate gratitude to your partner for their contributions to your life. That doesn’t solve everything but it can shift their viewpoint on the relationship and broaden their scope.
    • When we focus on resentment, we often forget the positive aspects. This resentment might cause you to miss out on repairing all aspects of your relationship
    • Habits of connection can genuinely improve your relationship, allowing you to work less and generate goodwill so that problems feel smaller. Pick one modest thing you wish to do, preferably something vital to you, and do it every day.

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