Letting Go of Guilt as a Professional Mom with Daniela Wolfe  – Episode 129

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Are you a working mom who feels guilty about your professional goals? If so, this episode is for you. In this episode, I chat with Daniela Wolfe. She helps working moms ditch the guilt and overwhelm, productively manage daily tasks with ease, and create time for self-care every day. She has been a Licensed Master Social Worker for twenty-six years, focused on self-care, stress management skills, mindfulness, relationships, parenting, and managing all the chaos of life. She is also a working mom of two. 

Key takeaways from my chat with Daniela:

  • Daniela is most curious about: Traveling. She loves exploring new places and cultures.
  • The number one way Daniela is impacting people with her work: Daniela’s primary focus is helping working moms overcome the challenges of overwhelm and burnout. She has a blog, a podcast, and shares a lot of content on social media.
  • Daniela’s Book Recommendations: Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by Ingrid Fetell Lee and Made to Stick by the Heath Brothers
  • The main points Daniela wants you to get from our conversation:
    • Creating change in life is a series of simple, actionable steps that you build throughout your day which will help you create the life of managing your tasks with ease.
    • Leave that guilt and overwhelm and find that time for fun and self-care every day.
    • Being intentional about how you’re going to use your time throughout the day and finding a system that works for you to plan and keep track of it will help ensure that it happens on a regular basis.
    •  Changing and reframing our mindset is the first step to stepping away from that guilt to take action and do something differently.
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